Friday, June 28, 2013

10 months

Well, here I am again. 10 month old blog post and late as usual. What can I say..I'm nothing if not consistent, consistency is key..right? Yeah, that totally sums me up. So it's not like being busy is anything new to this family. Each month I tell myself, oh if we can just make it past_______ things will lighten up, it's just a busy time of year. Well, guess what, it never does. Seems like we always have something going on, always an iron in the fire. Truthfully, I guess I wouldn't have it any other way. Ahhhh such is life. Who would I be if I wasn't a scatterbrained, one step behind, one minute late, speed demon, constantly on a mission?? No one I would know for sure : ) Jason says I create busyness for myself. Much like I create stress and problems for myself. Hey, if it was easy it wouldn't be me. As I have gotten older I've tried to simplify my life and so far, it hasn't happened. I'll keep ya posted on that one. However, I'm pretty sure it is what it is, take it or leave it. What's that I said before....oh yeah, Such is Life....words to live by. I hope my sweet daughter doesn't inherit my high strung personality. I'm relatively sure my life expectancy could be expanded by AT LEAST 5 years if I didn't dabbble in so much dramatics and chaos.

Shifting my focus to cuter, chubbier matters...the BABY!! Wow, the time between 9 and 10 months was HUGE for us. I'd say definitely the most profound visual development I have seen yet. I say this as I scroll through pictures and think gosh look at all we have witnessed. In addition to that May was a HUGE month for us. I mean we had somewhere to be, literally ALL month long. Of course that just meant more opportunities to "decorate the baby" for said events = ) And my oh my did she look snazzy! We had a lot of clothes in the closet that needed to be worn and mama wasted no time getting right to that! As far as the P baby's progress....We were a little delayed in getting in to see the doc for the 9 month visit so here are the 9 month stats: WEIGHT: 20 lb (67%) LENGTH 27 3/4'' (48%)  HEAD 17 1/2'' (59%). So we are staying just a bit above average, consistent, and right on schedule! Dr. Holmes said her growth curve was looking good and, much to my surprise, she was not concerned with her weight. On the other hand, I don't really think she classifies as a giant and oddly enough, in her clothes sizing, she stays pretty parallel. Still wearing most all 6-12 month everyday clothes, 12 month PJs, and in a few things we are starting to move into 12-18 month.

Devlopmentally, Presley has made some major steps. And by steps, I don't mean in the literal sense...because, if I haven't already said it yet, I'm by no means above pushing that baby back down once she decides to put those steps together with no hands. Can't Handle. It!! So anyway, she is cruising like crazy and pretty much crawls at lightening speed....morning getting ready routine has gotten real fun, let me tell you.  I can tell that once you get to this stage, things just speed up at an all too uncomfortable speed.  P baby is still staying the same on her bottle routine, eating at least one package of baby food at lunch and dinner, and we have started incorporating a water sippee cup and snacks too. My mom noticed that Presley seems to only favor foods that have a sweet flavor  ( big shocker there). What can I say? If she doesnt like something I'm just real bad about giving in and saying oh she doesn't want that. But we don't just pump her full of fruits for sure. I try to stick sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots for veggies. Green beans were an ultimate fail. I'm just not going there again and honestly, they smell bad. It all kind of smells bad and I'd be pretty mad if someone made me eat some of that stuff so I'm really just hoping she will move into more regular foods pretty quickly.  For this reason, I buy a whole lot of the Ella's Kitchen squeeze food packets. They are totally Presley's favorite thing. They are an organic mix of fruit and veggies and she loves most all of them. She loves it, it's good for her, sounds like a win to me!! All except for the fact that they are kind of pricey. I just try to find the best deals I can on them. On another couple notes, even though she is growing fast, we are still in size 3 diapers. Sleep is all through the night still and I'm still thanking The Lord for that blessing.  Being a working mom, I just can't imagine it any other way!!! This chick NEEDS sleep to function and I'm still in disbelief that this child has slept through the night since she was 8 weeks old based on lots of stories I hear from patients at work regarding their newborns. PLEASE Karma, don't come back and get me!!! I'm knocking on wood as we speak. On another big note, we FINALLY have one tooth! It's hard to see and she doesn't enjoy me trying to take a picture of it so hopefully next month she will actually show it off! I say finally one tooth but I was actually a little sad she that she got one. I quite love that little gummy mouth!

Happy Nurse's Week!!

Just another mail day

Sweet Southern cutie in her pinstripes and white jeans

A mama and daddy outing to the Jason Aldean concert

Celebrating my first mother's day with my family!

Cousin Loving

Sweet mother's necklace from Jason

My favorite gift from Presley with her original footprints on a charm

All my goodies from my sweet husband, dog, and baby

Going to our 9 month checkup a little late

Being a good girl with Nettie at Aunt Randi's graduation

Presley Mo Cool!

She made it through with a Master's Degree

Auntie and P baby

Giving a new life jacket a try....she's not a fan

My Nettie retired!!! I was so proud to attend her reception!

After that I took my very first boat ride with mom, dad, and Uncle Robby

The life jacket was again, not my favorite but I loved the ride!

Brady graduated Kindergarten!!! YAY BRADY!!

He loves me!

A little cracker barrel breakfast to start the weekend!

Mommy and daddy had their annual memorial day lake trip with the gang

Mommy's new favorite summer item! THE most fun ever!

Mmmmm...I like to eat!!

Just watchin' TV, playin with my foot, what you lookin at?!

As mentioned many times before, it seems the days are slipping away. One minute I'm over the moon that summer is almost here and the next it seems like it's half over. In turn that means that a certain ONE YEAR OLD party is fast approaching...I'm not even gonna go there. I did want to take a moment to tell a little story that happened only a couple weeks ago. It was a Saturday afternoon and we I was running around like crazy trying to get prepared for the upcoming family vacation. Jason and I took turns going to the gym that day because there is no child care at the gym on Saturdays. I had just gotten back from working out and Jason was super tired as he had taken the early shift with P that morning. I told him to go ahead and lay down for a nap and since Presley was due for one at any time I would just lay her down and continue on with my never ending list of To-Do's. Enter a super fussy baby and me rocking her in the rocking chair trying to get her to get sleepy. I just knew as soon as she fell asleep I would jump up and carry her to her crib so that I could get a few things done. As I sat there and rocked her and realized that she was in fact asleep, I resisted the initial urge to jump right up and lay her down. Could I have successfully laid her down and her taken at least an hour to hour and a half nap? Probably. Could I have made lots of productive use out of that time and cleaned up the list quite a bit? I'd say definitely. In the long run, did those to-do's really matter more than rocking a baby fast asleep on my chest? Not a chance. I realized that, first of all, it was an all out miracle that she actually wanted to sleep on me. She never does this! Quite the independent lady I would say. Secondly, how many opportunities will I get to hold her while she is this little. Something slowed me down in that moment. I could feel God holding me to that chair saying, "No, stay here. Right now this is most important."   Needless to say, I listened. So for about an hour and a half she peacefully slept right there on my chest. Let me throw in there that the TV was stuck on a baseball game I had no interest in via Jason, the remote was halfway across the room, the Ipad no where in reach, and my phone literally almost dead from all the thumbing I did while she lay there. Not to mention the fact that I was sore and stiff from being stuck in the same awkward position for an hour and a half...but I wouldn't have changed anything at that moment. When she finally awoke, so did Jason and Auggie and my opportunity for productivity in total peace was out the window. I can definitely say that the sweet, smiley, "I just got a great nap", attitude that she had was all I needed to know I had, for sure, made the right choice. Hug and kiss your babies people, they just aren't babies that long!

Here are a few extra monthly photo out takes! Love this chunky baby so much it hurts my heart!!

Lots more summer fun coming up for 11 months post....and then it's the big one year...tears :(((